Discover: Coloradoing

Discover: Coloradoing

Tell us about yourself! What’s your background and what do you do?
We are lifelong residents of Denver and feel passionate about our community. We believe that being a Coloradan is beyond being identified with a flag or where you were born, it is about diving headlong into our rich culture of the outdoors, arts, and natural beauty.

How did you learn your craft? Tell us about your first finished product.
Design and fashion is something we have always been passionate about. With Tom's education in design and my eye for fashion, we took a slow and steady self-taught route to get us where we are today! Coloradoing is our combined education, years of brand consulting, personal growth, and late nights. Our first product was the Coloradoing Tree Line Tee and even today it is one of our best sellers!

Where does the name of your business come from?
I was sitting in a bar on Broadway in Denver, waiting for Tom. It was snowing out. He was biking from a coffee shop on Colfax. That is when I thought, "Dang this is very Colorado." So I sent a text to Tom, "We are Coloradoing so much right now." I thought immediately that it should be on shirts!

How long does it take to make your product and what’s involved in the process?
We spend a lot of time in the design process. Once we have a design that we like we stress test it two ways - with friends that we know in the apparel and art world, and again with friends. Depending on the reaction we will either put it into production or scrap it and start again.
Where does your inspiration come from?
Our inspiration comes from what it means to be in Colorado and to be Coloradoing. Our fabrics are all chosen to ensure that people are warm and dry after a hike, going to the gym, skiing, sitting at work, or running around town with friends. The designs are inspired by people, nature, and the cities around us, and how people want to express their love for Colorado even when they are not here.

What’s your favorite product that you’ve created?
Our Rock Coast long sleeve tee. We feel the aesthetic of the font with the mountains is the perfect description of Colorado.
What question do you get asked the most at pop-up markets?
We are often asked why we do not use the Colorado flag on our clothing. The fast answer is that Colorado does not have to be just a flag or a place, but it is always something that you do. That is why we love the phrase "Are you Coloradoing?"

What’s something unique about you that most people don’t know (or wouldn’t guess)?
When I was a kid I was homeless. The idea of owning my own business was something I never would have thought could happen, that's why being able to do this at all, let alone with my partner is an amazing and rewarding experience.

What’s your favorite beverage to sip on?
Whenever we get a chance we love going to Palisade on the Western Slope to drink Colorado wines. We especially like Mesa Park Vineyards' Rosé and designed their wine labels.

What’s up next for Coloradoing?
Right now we are getting ready to launch our summer line! We are excited to add new designs and types of clothing. We are even preparing to run some limited edition clothing.

Bonus: What’s your favorite show to binge watch?
The Office! It's a show you can rewatch and pick up new little details every time.
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