Bathtub Madonna

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A blend of five salts from unique regions of the earth. Each chosen for its unique mineral content and ability to nourish your entire body.

Increases circulation, alkalizes the skin and body, reduces pain, heals damaged tissue, relaxes muscles and improves sleep.

Supports natural detoxification while nourishing cells, bones, nerves, muscles and vital organs.

Fun Fact: Contains over 84 trace minerals sourced from the Himalayas, Dead Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and France.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Magnesium Chloride, Himalayan Salt, Mediterranean Salt, French Grey Salt, MSM Flakes, Natural Sodium Bicarbonate

Each package contains enough salts for (14) 1/4 cup baths.


Wildish helps women realize their ultimate potential on the journey to motherhood through plant-based self-care.