Kiboko Kidogo

Tedeschi Bag

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The perfectly-sized bag for quick errands, walks and anytime you want to pack light. Each bag has a main pocket with a zip top and a pocket on each side. The back pocket features an expandable gusset and zip top. The strap is custom made to match with woven ribbon sewn on strong webbing. You can carry what you need in style!

Available in the following styles:

  • Blue Mountains 
  • Lemony Bee and Birds
  • Gray Floral on Red
  • Yellow Honeybee
  • Green and Yellow Floral
  • Sleepy Cats
  • Colorado Flag
  • Blue Vintage Floral
  • Vintage Yellow Floral
  • Scandinavian Floral


Kiboko Kidogo has the goal of reviving the popularity of woven ribbon while also making it modern, sophisticated and fun. Designer and owner, Courtney, is inspired by texture, color, cultural intersection and mood - and is "pretty obsessed with ribbon!"