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Artisan Pepper Jams

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Nourish Your Soul and your tastebuds with a delicious, versatile Artisan Pepper Jam from Yummy Lotus! Each flavor is vegan, gluten-free, and made from only the freshest of ingredients.

Each jam comes in a 4 oz glass jar.

Strawberry Grapefruit Jam - Enjoy a balanced marriage of grapefruit and strawberry that is perfect for morning toast, atop yogurt or cheese cake or stuffed inside french toast. No tartness, just pure sweetness.
Pear Ginger JamA sweet treat with just the right amount of ginger and subtle hint of lemon. Put this jam in your oatmeal, mix into a paloma cocktail or make a unique syrup for your pancakes.
Kiwi Poblano JamThis jar of tropical goodness makes an amazing vinaigrette salad dressing and tasty thumbprint cookies or cake filling. For a frozen treat, pour into a mold to make delicious popsicles!
Blackberry Serrano Lime - The serrano pepper compliments the fruitful blackberry in true harmony with a delightful lime hint on the back end. Add this jam into cheesecake, mix into a mojito cocktail, glaze your pork loin or throw on top of cream cheese. This one is a must try!

Jalapeño Chipotle This smokey concoction is perfect for your morning scramble, a margarita, or glazing your chicken/ribs/wings. Even bake it in with handmade cornbread for an extra special treat!
Mango Habenero Jam - A Yummy Lotus personal favorite! The sweet mangos and hot habaneros give this jar a perfect mix of sweet heat. Enjoy as a mango whiskey sour, put on salmon for the perfect glaze or enjoy over cream cheese and crackers.
Blueberry Reaper Jam - A must for heat lovers! This recipe has honed in on the perfect balance of sweet and heat. You meet the flavorful blueberry with strong hints of lemon and then transition into full-on heat as the reaper pepper takes over and brings a tingle to your taste-buds. Create a unique coleslaw to top a pulled pork sandwich, serve atop baked brie, make attention grabbing muffins or add to a lemon cookie recipe.


Yummy Lotus offers locally crafted vegan and gluten free pepper jams made from only the freshest ingredients. They keep their recipes simple so you know exactly what is going into your body.  Their passion is YOU and providing jams you can gather around and enjoy with the people you love!