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Whether it's a date night, Sunday brunch, or a quick weeknight dinner, The Munching Box mixes are easy to use and bursting with flavor!

  • Sunday Bloody Funday (2 oz) – Bright citrus and tangy horseradish will brighten your day when you mix up your new favorite Bloody Mary! Just add to your favorite tomato juice and vodka or tequila, or add to mayo to create a delicious spicy aoli for your burger or BLT!

  • To Chair For (2 oz) – Cozy up with this vegan masala chai spice blend, a fragrant, spicy chai that isn’t too sweet. Stir into a warm cup of milk or non-dairy beverage of your choice, spice up a cocktail, or use it to season meats, veggies, pancakes, and baked goods!

  • I ❤ Pumpkin a Latte (2 oz)Just one sip and you'll be in Fall heaven! This all natural, delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte mix is easy to use and makes a great tasting pick-me-up.

The Munching Box is a mixes up flavorful, chef-inspired spice blends for dips, rubs, sauces, beverage mixes and more - making cooking at home super easy and delicious. All of their products are vegan and do not contain any preservatives, chemicals, or gluten. They believe in leaving a big impression on you, not the earth, so all of their packaging is compostable.