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Hot Fudge Sauce

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Delicious, decadent hot fudge sauce from Snow Owl Confectioners. Made with eight all-natural ingredients free of additives, chemicals, or compromises to bring you hot fudge sauces that are beyond satisfying.

  • Butter Me Up – Their traditional buttery and chocolate fudgy standard.
  • Snuggle in the Dark – 50% more of their amazing ethically-sourced cacao for people who just want more chocolate in their chocolate.
  • Button Up Bourbon - Made with real Colorado Bourbon.
  • Mint to Warm You – Like a melted Andes Mint. Made with bright and herbaceous Corsican mint.

Each sauce comes in a 9 oz glass jar.


Snow Owl Confectioners uses only 100% ethically-sourced cacao liquor as their chocolate base. Their mission is simple: spread the taste of happiness.