Infused Fettuccine

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All natural, handmade pasta with semolina flour, veggies, herbs and spices. 12 oz.

Garlic Toasted Onion - Straightforward and pronounced. If you love fresh garlic and oven-toasted onion, this pasta is "savory" at its finest. Toss with a tomato infused oil or a basil olive oil and serve alongside sliced Italian sausage or marinated flank steak for an extraordinary meal. 

Hatch Green Chile - Famed New Mexico hatch green chilies have a cult following. Our Hatch Green Chile Fettuccine is worthy of its name, offering flame roasted mild chilies rounded out with oregano and parsley. Toss with roasted vegetables, black beans, and grilled chicken. Adventurous cooks may want to add a tasty cilantro pesto! (Sold out - check back soon!)

Sweet Potato - Sweet Potato Fettuccine is an enticing blend of sweet potato and nutmeg, making it one of our most popular and healthy pastas. For a low-fat heart smart option, drizzle your favorite blended olive oil, such as Roasted Garlic, White Truffle, or Rosemary. Toss with a combination of tasty steamed or grilled vegetables, grilled chicken with a dash of brown sugar for a uniquely sweet twist.

Tomato Basil - A classic combination of red ripe tomato and sweet basil is simple and versatile. Even in winter this comfort food will evoke the warm days of summer. Truly superb! We enjoy adding a simple drizzle of garlic infused olive oil and tossing with steamed vegetables and grilled Italian sausage.

Spinach Basil Garlic - Three fabulous foods, one delicious pasta - this is a flavor combination that any pasta lover will enjoy. Easily enhanced with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or an infused herb oil. We also recommend tossing in some grilled vegetables and Italian sausage, then topping with crumbled feta to further enhance your meal.


Sixteen years ago, Pastamoré had a vision to bring gourmet food to local Farmers Markets. Starting in the beautiful state of Colorado, Pastamoré has since expanded all over the country, bringing you barrel-aged balsamic vinegars, olive oil blends, marinades, pastas, and more!