Infused Linguini

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All natural, handmade pasta with semolina flour, veggies, herbs and spices. 12 oz.

Artichoke Rosemary - An uncomplicated, deeply satisfying pasta with simple flavors. Pureed artichoke hearts and fresh minced rosemary are handcrafted into linguini to help create a unique entree you will be happy to serve your family. Toss with grilled shrimp, oven-roasted vegetables or shredded chicken. (Sold out - check back soon!)

Lemon Pepper - The perfect combination of lemon juice, zest, and black pepper to create an intense and tasty treat. For this pasta, try a drizzle of White Truffle Oil, Meyer Lemon Oil, or crushed garlic in extra virgin olive oil. Toss with stir-fry vegetables, sliced grilled chicken, or white fish. This linguini also lends itself nicely to some littleneck clams or mussels for a magnificent dish. (Sold out - check back soon!)

Thai Citrus Ginger - A fragrant, spicy and exotic combination of orange and ginger. Eastern flavors combined with the mild heat of the spices. Toss with stir-fried vegetables and grilled chicken or make it simple with olive oil, cilantro, and baby shrimp!

Wild Mushroom - This dark, rich linguini features the flavors of two wild mushrooms: porcini and bolete. Earthy, intense and refined, this makes for a meal with panache. Toss with fresh peas and other grilled vegetables, or use as a bed for steak to create a unique and hearty dish.


Sixteen years ago, Pastamoré had a vision to bring gourmet food to local Farmers Markets. Starting in the beautiful state of Colorado, Pastamoré has since expanded all over the country, bringing you barrel-aged balsamic vinegars, olive oil blends, marinades, pastas, and more!