Dark Chocolate Bark Variety Pack

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Enjoy the full spectrum of Bibamba's dark chocolate bark offerings. Package includes one 4 oz bag of each variety -- Plantain Crisp, Coconut Crisp & Roasted Coffee Bean. This is a fantastic option for gift-giving or snacking choices. Bibamba chocolate is delicious and crunchy and pairs beautifully with a variety of cheese, beer and wine.

Gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and vegan. Bibamba never uses child labor on their farm and pay their farmers fair wages and healthcare. 

  • Bean Type: Trinitario
  • Bean Origin: Cameroon
  • Chocolate: 60%


Bibamba is brought to you by husband and wife duo, Patrick and Mara, from their family-owned and operated cacao and plantain farm in the Center province of Cameroon. They produce their chocolate at their kitchen located in Denver, CO.