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"Raise Hell" Cuff Bracelet

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Grab your gals and raise hell.

Details: Hand stamped metal 16g cuff bracelet, measures 1/4”x6”. This cuff is cut from base metals like copper, brass, and nickel. This means the cuffs have the potential to turn some sensitive body types green. These cuffs will tarnish over time but this is not permanent. Simply wipe away with the jewelry cloth provided.


Described by the owner, designer, and metalsmith, Cassie, as “one part snark and sass, one part bold and elegance,” and “Joan Jett meets Farah Fawcett,” her company seeks to marry bold and feminine pieces while inspiring customers to step outside comfort zones and embrace grit and grace. Featured in more than 53 stores nationwide, with celebrity clientele, Lux & Luca Jewelry Company continues to evolve with unique pieces and collections, attention to detail and an exciting twist for new and returning clients to enjoy.