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Infinity Scarf

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Handmade Bamboo Infinity Scarf in Rusted Coal. Fabric is made from 95% bamboo with 5% spandex. Hand-dyed and constructed in Golden, CO.

Bamboo has many great eco-friendly properties and works great as athletic wear. This natural fiber has many great performance-enhancing qualities including moisture absorption, ventilation properties, and antibacterial qualities. Thermo-regulation make these ideal for both winter and summer activities (ski, hike, bike, etc). 


Transient Craft, a small two-person start-up, was founded and continues to be inspired by their favorite activities (climbing, running, backpacking, etc). They wanted to create fun, functional, utilitarian products that are well designed and made from eco-friendly materials.  From casual to sporting, their clothing line reflects their lifestyle. In 2020 our business is now in our 3rd year.  Their Best Seller, a neck gaiter made out of bamboo, embodies their ideals.  It is multi-functional and necessary in outdoor pursuits. Says the pair, "It has and always will be the foundation for our success."