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Bag O' Balms

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Three Stacked Tins of Balm:

  • 4 oz tin of Sole Pleasure Foot Butter
  • 2 oz tin of Knuckle Balm
  • 0.5 ounce tin of Herbal Relief Lip Balm

Sole Pleasure Foot Butter is a very emollient balm for feet, especially heels. Contains rich shea butter and black seed oil as well as botanical extracts from mint, calendula, and comfrey. Great for summer sandal weather, but also great for athletes including barefoot runners and hikers. Helps keep skin supple so as to not split with the force of running. If you or someone you know is on their feet a lot, this is for them. Also contains eucalyptus oil (pain-relieving) and tea tree oil (antiseptic).

Knuckle Balm is a soothing herbal balm for dry, cracked working hands. Great for gardeners, farmers, mechanics, rock climbers, and others who use their hands a lot. Contains extracts of calendula and plantain in organic olive oil with myrrh oil to help dry, chapped skin. This good all over balm can be used as a diaper balm or try on eczema and psoriasis. It is oily so use only a small amount for spot treatment.

Herbal Relief Lip Balm is a moisturizing lip balm with lemon balm to reduce the risks of cold sores, and raspberry seed oil to help block UV light. Jojoba oil helps it smooth on easily. Moisturizing, soft and not sticky. Perfect for very chapped lips.


From their farm to your skin. Real skin care formulated by a biochemist and herbalist for outdoor skin. Colorado Aromatics redefines natural skin care to be functional.