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Barkaron® with Chicken (16 pc)

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These mouth-watering Chicken Barkarons supplement digestive health and wellbeing by combining Organic, Free-Range Chicken meat with a blend of natural, antioxidant-packed wholesome herbs. This all adds up to a delicious, nutritious doggie dessert sandwich that also offers the satisfying crunch that dogs crave.


Chews Happiness is a high-quality artisan dog treat bakery. Each macaron dog treat is lovingly handcrafted in small batches in the Happiness Bakery high in the unspoiled Himalayas.

Barkaron® gourmet French macaron dog desserts and products have all been carefully designed and finely crafted to score high on the Happiness Scale with pets, people and the planet. They support dog health and wellness so much that they have earned Animal Wellness Magazine’s 2020 Product Pick, as well as the endorsement of Dr. Tony Kremer, DVM (Dr. Tony), Chief Executive of thirteen veterinary hospitals and member of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association Public Education Committee.