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Bee Squared Honey Variety Packs

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A variety pack of Bee Squared's honey flavors in their most popular combinations. The perfect gift for the hostess or honey lover in your life! Each set includes three 3 oz jars of honey.

  • Award-Winning Variety Pack: Rose Honey from the Heart, Alfalfa Honey, and Whiskey Barrel-Aged Honey

  • Latest Fusions Variety Pack: Fennel Pollen, Vanilla & Organic Saffron, and Espresso Love

  • Varietal Honey Pack: Alfalfa, Clover and Orange Blossom

  • Jamie's Inventions Pack: Alfalfa, Whiskey Barrel Aged and Espresso Love

  • Bob's Inventions Pack: Fennel Pollen, Alfalfa and Vanilla & Organic Saffron

  • Flower Power Variety Pack: Rose Honey from the Heart, Fennel Pollen and Vanilla & Organic Saffron

Bee Squared is a small chemical-free apiary specializing in award-winning local varietal and infused honeys. Their bees are all carefully managed and diligently maintained to provide you with the finest in honey.

Honey is the only food without a shelf life so it NEVER goes bad. These honeys are raw. This means that they are not heated and also means that they will crystallize over time. Gently heat your honey in a warm water bath if you prefer it liquid.

Thank you for supporting sustainable beekeeping with your purchase!


Bee Squared Apiaries produces award winning varietal and infused honeys in Berthoud, CO. They are continuously inventing our next award winner. Taste why Bee Squared honey is “exponentially better”!