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BOOST Medium Roast Coffee

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Low-acid, Medium Roast, Colombian origin whole bean coffee infused with a BOOST of antioxidants. Fairtrade, organic, and boosted with six superfoods. 12 oz bag makes ~22 cups.

  • Fairtrade, 100% organic coffee, Colombian origin
  • Roasted & botanically infused with US grown, organic & full spectrum functional mushrooms for added nutritional benefits 
  • Boost immune and support energy with high antioxidants and essential vitamins per serving
  • Low acidity formula that your stomach and palate will thank you for
  • Gut healthy and packed with prebiotics
  • Combat adrenal fatigue with stress-supporting adaptogens (reishi)
  • Keep the taste, energy, and coffee ritual you love, uniquely whole bean for freshness

100% compostable coffee bag.


Peak State is the first company to offer Functional Coffees - wholes beans infused with nutritive benefits. Keeping origins in mind, Peak State donates 1% of all sales to Colorado Fourteeners Initiative. Their mission is to help others access quality coffee, to share our passion for nature and the outdoors, and to use business as force for environmental conservation.