Blonde Beard's Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo Sauce

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Notes of maple, black pepper and Scotch Bonnets gives Blonde Beard Buffalo sauces rich flavors inspired by Southern cuisine. Use it to add some heat to wings, bacon, mac and cheese, Bloody Mary's and more! 12 oz bottle.

  • Chicken & Waffles - Mild-ish. Maple and Cayenne.
  • Black Magic - Medium. Cajun and Black Pepper.
  • Holy Hell - Extra Hot. Cayenne and Scotch Bonnet.
  • IPA Buffalo Sauce - Made with Upslope's India Pale Ale. It's like a wing and a beer in the same bite.


Blonde Beard's Buffalo Sauce makes their sauce with one thing in mind: craft above everything else. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail from the peppers they source to the batches they hand make, using real butter, not hydrogenated oils or fake alternatives. All natural, gluten free, and vegetarian.