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Colorado Collection Bundle

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Celebrate Colorado Proud month by treating yourself to a taste of the wonderful natural benefits Colorado has to offer. Great for all skin types and climates, the Colorado Collection Bundle includes:

Tuckered Farmer Bath Soak - Relieves pain and aching from joints and muscles. Epsom salt can soothe the body, mind, and soul.

Colorado Extreme Cream - Moisturizes and protects from Colorado’s harsh elements. Comfrey gently tones the skin and regenerates skin growth while Shea butter increases suppleness and elasticizes the skin.

Kissable Lips - Soothes and heals dry, chapped lips. Resistant to melting. Almond oil is emollient and softens lips.


Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care grows, harvests and handcrafts the finest organic skin care. "We do this because it is the only way to ensure a product that utilizes botanicals that nourish your skin, giving you a radiant complexion."

From their farm to your face, each step of the process is lovingly tended on their acreage. They are USDA certified organic growers who believe that Mother Nature is the best cure for Father Time. All told they preserve over 250 acres of Colorado farmland.