Elevated Mushrooms

Dried Chopped Mushrooms

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Dehydrated mushrooms - rehydrate in your liquid of choice for 20-30 minutes, or add directly to soups or sauces to rehydrate. 2 oz.

Oyster mushrooms are excellent in stir fries, soups and sauces. Their mild and delicate texture pairs well with steak, chicken and seafood.

Chestnut mushrooms have a mild earthy flavor with a peppery finish, and the texture excited an average dish with variation. It excels in miso and other broth soups, or add it to stir fries or into your favorite sauce recipe.


Elevated Mushrooms Inc is the culmination of two Colorado native fungi enthusiasts and outdoorsmen, Paul Bowerman and Jeremiah Michael, who have been both foraging and cultivating mushrooms in Colorado for years.