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Why be vanilla when you get weird? Ditch your boring morning routine and start your day with something interesting. It's possible to have a cup of flavored coffee made with spices and other comestibles, without beans doused with those gross artificial coffee flavorings.

While some of these flavors seem strange, Weirdo Coffee flavors are never weird just to be weird. They put flavor above all else. Pour something delicious in your cup! 12 oz bag of ground coffee. 

Bubble Gum - 100% Arabica Coffee Beans & Bubble Gum. It sounds weird, right? It is a little weird, but it’s also surprisingly delicious. Don’t be afraid. It's subtle, fun, slightly sweet, and incredibly nostalgic. The aromatics will take you back to your carefree, bubble-blowing youth. 

Golden Milk - 100% Arabica Coffee Beans & Turmeric Tea. For centuries people have drank turmeric tea for anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits. While we can't confirm nor deny these claims, we know for a fact that this coffee tastes great. The turmeric, black pepper, and honey give it a slightly exotic tingle on the tongue and a sweet, spicy aroma. Settle in for this cozy and maybe healthful cup of joe. 

Ruby Slipper - 100% Arabica Coffee Beans & Beets. Can you think back to a time when you have and a good-looking cup of coffee? Probably not. Just about every coffee looks the same. Not this one! Ruby Slipper has 6 servings of beets in every bag. The mesmerizing red color in your mug will give you a statement cup of coffee. Plus, with a splash of milk, Ruby Slipper fades to a delightful pink. There is no place like home-especially with a cup of this rouge-y brew. 

Spice Road - 100% Arabica Coffee Beans & Indian Spices. Fill your house with incredible aromatics in the morning. An exotic blend of spices inspired by Indian cuisine gives this unusual coffee a delightful spice in the mug and an intoxicating aroma. Go on a culinary adventure in uncharted territory with this weirdly super awesome coffee that includes Garam Masala, coconut, and crystalized ginger.

Red Espresso - 100% Arabica Coffee Beans & Beets. Comrades! Come and drink a bold, blood-red espresso with us. Each bag has 6 full servings of beet root. It’s smooth, delicious, and will give you the most beautiful latte art you have ever seen.


Weirdo Coffee makes a variety of interesting flavored coffee produced from real ingredients.