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Hand Milled Pasta

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Hand milled, small batch, slow dried, whole grain artisan pasta by Sfoglina Denver.

Mafaldine (12 oz)Named in honor of Princess Mafalada of Savoy, also know as little queens.  It is a ribbon-shaped pasta and traditionally served with a more delicate sauce. Fresh-milled durum wheat berry gives this pasta a rich nutty flavor.

Scout 66 Fusilli (10 oz) - A spiral or corkscrew shaped pasta made from heirloom Scout 66 wheat berries.  Because of its twists, it has grooves that are good for holding onto sauce.  Fusilli pasta were originally developed in Southern Italy by rolling and setting fresh spaghetti around thin rods to dry. Fusilli works well with any sauce, added to soups, or turned into a salad.

Casarecci (14 oz)A variety of pasta that is shaped like a very narrow twisted and rolled tube. If it is turned on end it looks like an "S" and is typically made into lengths of 5 cm. It is best used when serving a meat sauce and can be baked in a casserole or served with ragú.

Addie's Animals (14 oz)A fun pasta shape for the young and young at heart. Made with hand-milled organic durum wheat berries for a nutrient-dense pasta with a rich flavor. 


Sfoglina Denver uses wheat berries that are hand milled, utilizing bronze dies and slow drying the pasta. Implementing these procedures not only leads to a better flavor but is also is a healthier, more nutrient-dense final product. The team at Sfoglina have always been huge advocates of supporting local and small businesses and will source from them whenever possible.