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Hot Sauces (4 oz)

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Oso Rojo Hot Sauces are handcrafted in small batches, made with All Natural ingredients and No Artificial Preservatives, and Gluten Free. Each sauce comes in a 4 oz glass bottle.

ORANGE GINGER HOT SAUCE - This sauce was made to elevate the ordinary hot sauce experience with help from the flavors of orange and ginger. These flavors add brightness and a little spice to elevate your hot sauce experience.
Try it on: Fried chicken, eggs, curry & coconut rice.
Spice Level: Medium

HABANERO MUSTARD HOT SAUCE - This is not your average mustard. Made with habaneros, ginger, garlic and a few spices to bring your mustard game to the next level. If you like spice, add this sauce to anything you would normally use mustard with.
Try it on: Bratwurst, pastrami on rye, smoked salmon. Pro tip? Mix with mayo and ketchup for the perfect fry sauce!
Spice Level: Hot

UMAMI BOMB HOT SAUCE - Umami comes from the Japanese word for delicious, umai, and that is exactly what this sauce is. Roasted veggies, dried chiles, dried mushrooms and tamari come together like a super band to create music in your mouth. There is a depth of flavor in this bottle, like a mole sauce.
Try it on: Chicken wings, stir fry, tacos, anything grilled - switch out Umami Bomb for any of your favorite BBQ or steak sauces for that extra kick! Pro tip? Put a tablespoon at the bottom of your bowl before you pour your ramen in!
Spice Level: Mild to Medium

JALAPEÑO GARLIC HOT SAUCE - This sauce was inspired by Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex cuisine. Jalapeño Garlic has big, bold, smokey flavor with the spices of the southwest. Jalapeños, serranos and onion are grilled over charcoal to bring out the best they have to offer.
Try it on: Tamales, tacos, nachos, eggs, a green Bloody Mary. Pro tip? Mix in with smashed avocado, salt and lime for the ultimate chip dip! Start with a little and add more for extra spice. Your friends will thank you later.
Spice Level: Medium


Oso Rojo’s mission is to create a hot sauce with FLAVOR as well as SPICE. You can have both! By balancing each specific pepper with complementing ingredients and spices, they're able to showcase the spice while still creating an unforgettable taste. There is a depth of flavor in each bottle, handcrafted by a chef.