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Inclusion Bars

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30g Inclusion Bars by Pollinator Chocolate Company.

70% Wild Bolivia Sour Cherry - Organic sour cherries added to a wild Bolivia (wild-grown in the forest, not on a plantation) chocolate that has such fine nuttiness and buttery taste it makes your mouth water with the addition of the cherries.

65% Cabernet Sauvignon - Two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon go into each batch, allowed to soak for several days so the roasted nibs can absorb every delicious drop,  dehydrated, and then ground for 36 hours to a delicate creaminess that managed to retain the taste of the great Cabernet grape. The Dominican Republic Zorzal plantation supplied the beans for this marriage.

70% Honey Foam - Made with cacao from the Öko-Caribe plantation. These beans are delicious. A light roast brings out the delicate flavors that are distinctive with this plantation. Now, add a flavorful combination of crystallized honey and it becomes a texture and sensation paradise. The Öko-Caribe bean works so well with honey you'll want more.

65% Cellar Door - Stout Beer with Dominican Republic Cacao. This stout by Batch brewmaster, Chase Engel, is called “Dark Corner”, and is blended with Pollinator's Dominican Republic Zorzal plantation nibs and refined to creamy smoothness. Delicious and as tasty as the beer itself. Pairs well with charcuterie boards of dried meats, football, fruits,and fresh cheeses, lacrosse, figs, and olives.

65% Deja Brew CoffeeDeja Brew is a 10-year tradition in Glenwood Springs, CO. Their following and customers are rabid and loyal. This dark roast cold brew is a rich bean from Buena Vista roasters. Bold in chocolate taste, blended with Dominican Republic’s Zorzal plantation, it makes for a treat for every day. Pairs well with Biscotti, waking up, Croissants, coffee cake, low energy, crepes, berries.


Pollinator Chocolate Company is a local chocolate maker specializing in bean-to-bar, single-origin craft chocolate.