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Get your jam on with unique and flavorful fruit and pepper jams from Brad B Jammin! 9 oz glass jars.

Blueberry Lemon Basil - Top seller in the basil category and that's for a reason - unreal!

Sour Cherry Jalapeño - Use this jam on their crepes and pancakes regularly. Mmmmm good!

Palisade Peach Bourbon - Like Peach Cobbler (with Bourbon) out of a jar - amazing!

Sour Cherry Manhattan- A unique spin on the classic cocktail! Bourbon, Montecito Cherries, and their Orange Marmalade Orangello jam combine to delight both cocktail and cream cheese and crackers fans alike!

Peach Jalapeño - These are Colorado peaches and jalapeños - a perfect combination of flavor!

Blackberry Jalapeño - If you love the berry jams like Raspberry, for sure you'll love Blackberry too! This jam is rich in color and texture, and does include seeds.

Mango Lime Basil - A flavor explosion in your mouth!

Pear Rum - This is Brad's Mother-in-Law Carol's favorite jam, so he has to make it regularly!

Blueberry Jalapeño - Brad's favorite jam for cream cheese or on Brie. He loves the color contrast and how rich it looks.

Mixed Berry (Low Sugar) - You will taste nothing but the fruit. It's amazing blueberries, blackberries and raspberries in a jar. Perfect combo of sweet and tangy.

Palisade Caramel Apple- The Fall/Winter comfort food flavor you remember. The Palisade, CO apples rescued from local farmers markets were cooked in homemade caramel to create this take on a childhood favorite. Add to yogurt or spoon on a pork chop to bring back memories!

Blueberry Rhubarb (Low Sugar) - You will taste nothing but the fruit. It's amazing blueberries and rhubarb in a jar. Perfect combo of sweet and sour.

Mango Jalapeño - This jam is perfect for your fish. Make a foil boat and cook your fish in this jam. You'll be blown away at the flavor it adds.

Blueberry Bourbon - Best thing Brad's ever put on ice cream!


Brad B Jammin specializes in amazing and unique pepper jams to bring added flavor to your baked goods, snacks, meats, treats, and more!