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Just the Dip Trio

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The perfect set for the foodie in your life, or just to stock your own pantry! These awesome seasoning blends will make a whole lot more than dips, but you can try them out just to see if you like them. All of their ingredients are gluten free and vegan, so it makes a great gift for everyone on your list. The Just the Dip Trio includes:

  • Chimi Slickers (2 oz) – You may not be a cowboy,  but you can still add a burst of flavor to your meat and veggies. Toss in a salad, top your meats or veggies, or add to a grazing board!

  • Get Curried Away (2 oz) - Experience the complex richness of this Indian inspired mild yellow curry that pairs with both meat and vegetable options. Or mix up a dip for chips or veggies!

  • Onion to Love (2 oz) - Be the most invited guest with this alluring French onion mix in your bag of tricks. Mix with mayo or sour cream for a veggie or chip dip, mix into your burgers, or with broth for a savory soup!


The Munching Box
is a mixes up flavorful, chef-inspired spice blends for dips, rubs, sauces, beverage mixes and more - making cooking at home super easy and delicious. All of their products are vegan and do not contain any preservatives, chemicals, or gluten. They believe in leaving a big impression on you, not the earth, so all of their packaging is compostable.