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Make your life simpler! Keep your fridge stocked with 3rd Bird Collective's not too tart/not too sweet kombucha when you sign up for their subscription service. Their kombucha stays fresh in the fridge for two to three months, but no worries - it’s so good, it won’t last that long!

NOTE: Subscriptions and deliveries only available for Denver Metro area. Purchase your first month here and the team at 3rd Bird Collective will get you set up and scheduled with your monthly payments and deliveries.

How it Works:

Each month, you'll receive a variety pack with their current kombucha offerings, delivered right to your doorstep. Deliveries will be the second week of each month (around the 10th - if you order the third or fourth week of the current month, your subscription will not begin until the following month).

For their 8 and 12 bottle offerings, they will deliver your kombucha around the 10th, 20th and 30th of the month. This way you can still get all of your kombucha needs met while still having space in your fridge!

Not only will you be saving time in not thinking about ordering, you’ll be saving money! Each serving is $2.30 - try finding a better price at the store!

Since 3rd Bird Collective believes in sustainability, part of the overall cost is a $1/month bottle fee. This means you own the bottles. On the date of your subscription delivery, leave out your empty bottles and they'll bring you fresh, not too tart, not too sweet kombucha. Drink & Enjoy. Leave the bottles out. Repeat.


3rd Bird Collective looks to combine ingredients that play off of each other’s strengths - building a flavor profile that is both diverse and functional. Their kombuhca is brewed in small batches to control taste and ensure that you get the best booch each time.