Kiboko Kidogo

Libby Pouch

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Never be without the essentials again! This adorable little pouch easily attaches to a lanyard, belt or keys and holds not only your ID/badge but also has enough room in the zippered pocket for some money, credit card, that coffee card you always forget and lip balm.

Available in the following styles:

  • Scandinavian Orange Tulips
  • Blue Scandinavian Floral
  • Swedish Floral on Green
  • Lime Art Deco Ferns on Pink
  • Blue Metallic Vines on Rust
  • Rainbow Silk Floral on Black
  • Red Cats on White
  • Purple Sugar Skulls
  • Teal Mountains
  • Vintage Autumn Floral


    Kiboko Kidogo has the goal of reviving the popularity of woven ribbon while also making it modern, sophisticated and fun. Designer and owner, Courtney, is inspired by texture, color, cultural intersection and mood - and is "pretty obsessed with ribbon!"