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Milk Chocolate Bars

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30g Milk Chocolate Bars by Pollinator Chocolate Company.

Coconut Milk 50% Dark ChocolateThis Dominican Republic bean will leave you with the flavors that are definitely chocolate, but with hints of fruitiness and floral notes. The addition of the coconut milk brings in a nuttiness that was not there before and, of course, lots of coconuts - not the bagged stuff from the grocery store, but sweet, silky smooth and redolent of the islands. This bar reminds us of a Pina Colada but without the heavy fruit. Pairs well with: Pina Coladas, dried mango, guava slices, dried Banana slices, sunshine, an ocean view, PETA and brazil nuts. (Vegan)

Biodynamic 50% Dark Milk Chocolate - Milk is from Sustainable Settings in Carbondale, CO, which has been using bio-dynamic practices for well over 10 years. Their cows are treated like royalty, grass pasture-fed. Blended with Dominican Republic and Bolivian beans this is a powerhouse of fresh milk flavor. Pairs well with: breakfast, green apple slices, walking through a field of fresh-cut hay, dried fruits, walnuts.

50% Dark Milk Water Buffalo - Erin's Acres run the only Water Buffalo in the Roaring Fork Valley. And the milk is amazing. Smooth and creamy with double the fat solids compared to a Jersey or Holstein cow. Raised at elevation and grass pastured, these gentle beasts with their classic curved horns create a milk bar that has to be tasted to be believed. Pairs well with: fresh fruit, sitting out of doors on a sunny afternoon, light cheeses like buffalo mozzarella, brie, etc. smiling, sushi


Pollinator Chocolate Company is a local chocolate maker specializing in bean-to-bar, single-origin craft chocolate.