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Mushroom-Infused Coffee Gift Box

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Gift box ready for that coffee loving special someone. Box includes three 12 oz bags of whole bean coffee:

  • 12 oz. FOCUS Light Roast (+Cognitive Support)Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Light Roast with lion's mane for FOCUS, featuring sweet and citrus notes
  • 12 oz. BOOST Medium Roast (+Immune Support)Colombian Medium Roast with an Immunity BOOST from a blend of six functional mushrooms, featuring nutty, earthy notes
  • 12 oz. UPLIFT Dark Roast (+Stress Support) - Sumatra Dark Roast with adaptogenic reishi for a stress UPLIFT featuring chocolate and melon notes

HIGHEST QUALITY COFFEE POSSIBLE: Sustainably shade grown, fair trade, organic, specialty whole bean coffee farmed by women and freshly roasted.

INFUSED WITH FUNCTIONAL MUSHROOMS: This three pack lets you try them all - the FOCUS light roast with lion's mane, BOOST medium roast with an immune support blend, and UPLIFT dark roast to help destress.

COFFEE TASTE WITH BENEFITS: The Peak State Process leaves only the taste of highest quality, freshly roasted coffee. Whole beans ensure it stays fresh and works for however you brew it. Keeps up to 6 months.

LOW ACID & GUT FRIENDLY: Shade grown coffee is lower in acidity and caffeine, more sustainable, and richer in flavor. Peak State is also packed with prebiotics.

LESS JITTERS: Adaptogens support stress, balance the jitters, and balance the effects of caffeine.

100% COMPOSTABLE COFFEE BAG: Revolutionary earth-minded coffee packaging

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee, Functional Mushrooms


Peak State is the first company to offer Functional Coffees - whole beans infused with nutritive benefits. Keeping origins in mind, Peak State donates 1% of all sales to Colorado Fourteeners Initiative. Their mission is to help others access quality coffee, to share our passion for nature and the outdoors, and to use business as force for environmental conservation.