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Repair Serum

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Common Providence Repair Serum deeply penetrates the skin at the cellular level to fight impurities and restore a radiant glow. Three powerful plant oils - sunflower seed, tamanu and pomegranate seed activate the skin’s regenerative abilities while hydrating and healing damaged and dull skin. Essential fatty acids and antioxidants work to clear impurities and prevent further damage by strengthening the skin’s natural protective barrier. This gentle formula is a nutrient-dense powerhouse that will give your skin and hair the healthful treatment it craves.

Use: fine lines and wrinkles, dry and dull skin, dry or itchy scalp, split-ends, thinning and balding hair, stretch marks and scars, acne, and other skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis
Note: Tamanu oil gives this plant-based blend a slightly nutty aroma
Application: Apply several drops to skin or hair daily or as needed. If used as a hair treatment, apply at least 20-minutes prior to showering, then rinse thoroughly.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
Ingredients: sunflower seed oil*, tamanu oil*, pomegranate seed oil* (*organic)


Common Providence is a small-batch skincare brand that handcrafts plant and mineral-based products. We believe in the primal foundations of personal care and the power of simplicity in individual beauty and health. We carefully select the few natural and organic ingredients that will truly deliver a powerful, tangible result. Our products are mindfully crafted with minimalism and efficacy as our guiding principles.