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Sore Muscle Oil

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SORE MUSCLE OIL is a warming and stimulating herbal infused oil. The synergistic blend of arnica, black pepper, ginger, oregano and active botanical oils help to ease the pain of sore muscle discomfort by reducing inflammation and improving circulation.

Size: 4 oz

Ritual: Apply a thin layer to affected area and gently massage to release tension and soreness.

Ingredients: Sesame oil*, Olive oil*, Arnica oil*, Oregano^, Lavender*, Ginger*, Black Pepper^, Patchouli^ and Cinnamon^. (*= Organic, ^= Wildcrafted)


mild apothecary is inspired by Milda, the Lithuanian goddess of love and nature. Owner and herbalist, Analise, derives her products using only organic, wildcrafted, and sustainably sourced herb and flora. A distinctive slow infusion process extracts precious nutrients and eliminates inactive elements to deliver essential bio-active ingredients that support and transform your skin at the molecular level.