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For the sensation seekers on your list, grab them this spicy surprise. They will fall in love with this carefully crafted trio of spices that will get their temperature rising! The Note Ones set includes:

  • Nashville Hottie (2 oz) – Nashville Hottie will have you licking your lips with its slightly sweet start and building heat. You can brush it all over a fried chicken breast or use it to dip your nuggets. Goes great with french fries, tater tots and onion rings, too.

  • Jamaican Me Hungry (2 oz) - Whether you prefer sweet or savory this spice goes both ways. This Jamaican Jerk has a medium spice level that revs up any dish with its exotic blend of 16 herbs and spices. So whip out your favorite meat or veggies and get to jerkin'!

  • Berbere Today, Gone Tomato (2 oz) - A mild version of Berbere so that everyone can enjoy the complex flavors of this Ethiopian flavor bomb. They added some tomato in the mix to tame the spice yet still deliver the vibrant flavor you are looking for. Use the paste as a condiment alongside meat and veggies, or smear it on your chicken wings when they come out of the fryer.


The Munching Box
is a mixes up flavorful, chef-inspired spice blends for dips, rubs, sauces, beverage mixes and more - making cooking at home super easy and delicious. All of their products are vegan and do not contain any preservatives, chemicals, or gluten. They believe in leaving a big impression on you, not the earth, so all of their packaging is compostable.