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The Thrill of the Grill

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There's a Chad on every list, and with this rad gift he'll feel total bliss! There are 3 amazing spice blends in the set that will make you think even Chad's grilling totally rocks, so turn on the smoker and crack open a beer!  The Thrill of the Grill set includes:

  • Bad Girls Rub (2 oz) Get ready to rub your meat (or veggies) down with this super versatile BBQ rub. This perfectly balanced Bad Girls Rub will have everyone licking their fingers and begging for more. Generously apply Bad Girls Rub to meat or veggies and smoke, grill, bake, or sautee - or make your own signature BBQ sauce or baked beans.

  • Chimi Slickers (2 oz) - You may not be a cowboy,  but you can still add a burst of flavor to your meat and veggies. Toss in a salad, top your meats or veggies, or add to a grazing board!

  • Give 'Em Something to Taco 'Bout (2 oz) - Let Taco Tuesday be your muse while you relish the mouth-watering nip of this tangy mix of freshly sliced citrus and spices. Leave something to the imagination and get your kicks with this versatile taco seasoning. Mix right into meat or mix up a marinade.


The Munching Box
is a mixes up flavorful, chef-inspired spice blends for dips, rubs, sauces, beverage mixes and more - making cooking at home super easy and delicious. All of their products are vegan and do not contain any preservatives, chemicals, or gluten. They believe in leaving a big impression on you, not the earth, so all of their packaging is compostable.