Kiboko Kidogo

Vintage 70s Floral Leash and Collar Set

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Be the most stylish dog walker on the block with this Vintage 70s Floral Leash and Collar Set!

This leash is made with vintage jacquard woven ribbon sewn on strong webbing with heavy duty hardware and a fabric-cushioned handle. The leash is 1" wide and 68" long, plus an 8" fabric handle.

There are 2 sizes to the matching collar. Each are 1" wide with a clasp slightly wider than the strap.

Size options:
Medium: 14" - 20"
Large: 20" - 31"


Kiboko Kidogo is reviving the popularity of woven ribbon while also making it modern, sophisticated and fun. Designer and owner, Courtney, is inspired by texture, color, cultural intersection and mood - and is "pretty obsessed with ribbon!"